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So much anticipation. She’s dreamt of this day since she was a child—what would it look like? How would it feel? And it has finally arrived. There’s a schedule to keep. Vendors arriving and setting up. Family and friends whirling around to turn her dream into reality. And amidst the hustle and bustle, she stops to savor the moment. She steals away, a few brief moments to herself. She gathers flowers and writes a love note to her groom. These still, quiet moments slow the day down just enough for her to remember all that led her here.

“Foraged” symbolizes this idea of slowing down on a wedding day and remembering to reflect on its significance.

As featured on Ruffled & Belle Lumière

Photography & Styling: Sweetlife Photography

Florals: Swoon Floral Design

Makeup & Hair: Austie Eckley

Dress: Truvelle

Rentals: Something Borrowed

Calligraphy: Kelsey Malie Calligraphy

Jewelry: JES Design Studio

Model: Tábata Drotenko

Film Processing: The FIND Lab

In Collaboration & Co-Designed With: Jamie Rae Photo

Contax 645 on Fuji Pro 400H & Ilford Delta 3200 Film

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Our dream of shooting at Timberline Lodge’s Silcox Hut has finally come true! We headed up to Mt. Hood with Rachel and Sergei, and the four of us piled into a snow cat to get to our final destination. What an amazing adventure! Silcox Hut is a beautiful, historic cabin that sits about a mile up Mt. Hood. It’s just about the highest point to reach on the mountain and features one of the most incredible views of the horizon the Northwest has to offer.

We knew we wanted this session to have a warm, cozy, cuddly cabin vibe, and we carefully crafted the story, outfit styling, and props with Rachel and Sergei to accomplish the look. Something Borrowed provided us with a suite of vintage and modern pieces to give the scene the storytelling details you can see in the photos. Every piece – the vintage railroad lantern, the faux hide rug, the candlesticks – felt like it could have naturally been in the hut, which is exactly what we had hoped for as we styled this shoot.

This all-film session pushed our skills as film photographers and we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out! Shooting film indoors and in low light is no easy task because film requires a lot of light, but the Pacific Northwest with its many overcast days and many indoor wedding venues has enabled us to truly hone our craft. By necessity, Portland weather has taught us to become better photographers, rain or shine, lots of light or only a little. This is something that makes us incredibly grateful to be photographers in our little corner of the world.

Rachel and Sergei, we had so much fun with you two this day and we can’t wait for the wedding later this year! Thanks again for going on this mountaintop adventure with us.

– Jake & Anna

 Photography & Styling: Sweetlife Photography

Rentals: Something Borrowed

Film Processing: The FIND Lab

Contax 645 & Canon 1V on Portra 800, Portra 400, and Fuji Pro 400H Film