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Jamine & Torgen


for joyful romantics

And then...

Notes from Sweetlife: We had just finished Jasmine and Torgen’s sunset portraits when they asked for a private moment, just the two of them (though Jasmine whispered to us that she’d like us to take a few photos from afar of what was about to happen). When we walked away, they stood facing each other at the top of the hill among the vineyard—the last light of the day illuminating the scene as the sun touched the horizon. They each read from a small piece of paper and exchanged private, personalized vows. They had already publicly declared their love and commitment during the ceremony, so these words were something special and different. Something just between them, for their ears and hearts only. We can only imagine what they said! With a zoom lens, we captured just a few frames from afar to document the beauty of this once in a lifetime moment. We snapped the shutter while Jasmine wiped tears away as Torgen committed his secret vows from the heart. We've never seen anything quite like it. Every aspect of this moment spoke of pure romance.


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Saffron Fields Vineyard, Yamhill, Oregon