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Taylor & Zach


for joyful romantics

And then...

Notes from Sweetlife: Zach could barely contain himself on the way to his first look with Taylor. He was smiling, nervous, and beginning to tear up all at once as he imagined seeing his junior high sweetheart soon. When we got him into position, we told him he could turn around once Taylor came behind him and tapped his shoulder. His response was a glimpse into his adoration of Taylor, "You mean I don't get to watch her walk towards me?" "Of course you can!”, was our response. And he did. He watched Taylor come down the steps from the old Victorian house she got ready in, and then he watched as she rounded the corner and turned towards him. As soon as their eyes met, they both burst into tears and laughter, and Zach continued to watch her walk all the way to him until the moment he could finally grab her and pull her in for a long hug and a kiss. They continued to laugh and cry and hold each other as we captured their overwhelming joy. All those years of dating leading up to this day—to this moment where Zach finally got to see Taylor as his bride. To us, that's how true love should be. The kind that still wants to watch her every move even after so many years.


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Long Farm Barn, West Linn, Oregon